The Pallbearer

The Pallbearer

Matt Reeves (1996)

12 Certificate


Our Score
David Schwimmer attempted to develop his TV Friends persona with this movie, but instead ended up playing a more annoying version of his well-known character, Ross. He stars as an unemployed graduate who is asked to be a pallbearer at the funeral of a schoolfriend he doesn't remember by the deceased's mother (Barbara Hershey). You can see the young-man-older-woman Graduate-style seduction coming a mile off, and Schwimmer is so whiny about it all you find it hard to imagine that any mature woman would be attracted to him. It's only worth enduring for the performances of the luminous Gwyneth Paltrow (as Schwimmer's high-school crush) and the talented Michael Rapaport.


A case of mistaken identity results in a timid architect stepping in to deliver the eulogy at the funeral of a former classmate he can no longer remember - and finds unexpected romance when he is called on to console the dead man's glamorous mother. Comedy, starring David Schwimmer, Gwyneth Paltrow, Barbara Hershey, Carol Kane and Toni Collette.

Cast & Crew

Tom Thompson David Schwimmer
Julie DeMarco Gwyneth Paltrow
Ruth Abernathy Barbara Hershey
Tom's mum Carol Kane
Brad Schorr Michael Rapaport
Cynthia Toni Collette
Lauren Bitty Schram
Director Matt Reeves
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Buena Vista International UKGuidance: Contains swearing. Available on: video and DVD