Bad Blood

Bad Blood

Mike Newell (1982)

PG Certificate


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This was rightly hailed as a key release in New Zealand cinema - even if many of those involved are foreign imports. Based on the fascinating true story of one of the country's most notorious murder cases, it stars Australian Jack Thompson as a reclusive farmer who refuses to surrender his weapons to the authorities during the Second World War, sparking a tragic, violent manhunt. British director Mike Newell keeps the tension simmering throughout, while still managing to look sympathetically at the farmer's plight. Thompson is superb, although it's veteran New Zealand character actor Martyn Sanderson who steals the show.


A New Zealand farmer murders seven people, and is pursued through the Bush by the police and a group of Maori trackers. Fact-based thriller, starring Jack Thompson and Carol Burns.

Cast & Crew

Stanley Graham Jack Thompson
Dorothy Graham Carol Burns
Ted Best Denis Lill
Doreen Bond Donna Akersten
Les North Martyn Sanderson
Trev Bond Marshall Napier
Detective Sergeant Knight Ian Watkin
Jim Quirke Kelly Johnson
Pat Graham Elizabeth Watson
Director Mike Newell
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD