Starter for 10

Starter for 10

Tom Vaughan (1) (2006)

12A Certificate


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TV's University Challenge provides a hilarious framing device for debut director Tom Vaughan's spirited coming-of-age comedy drama. Adapted by David Nicholls from his own bestselling novel, it stars a charismatic James McAvoy as a gawky, working-class student navigating through his chaotic fresher year at Bristol University in the mid-1980s. Bittersweet lessons about life and love follow, precipitated by two headstrong girls (a chalk-and-cheese Alice Eve and Rebecca Hall) and a dream opportunity to compete in his favourite academic telly quiz (whose catchphrase gives the film its title). With its smart, pop culture-infused dialogue and evocative period soundtrack, this campus charmer has all the buoyancy of a John Hughes teen caper. But it's the sharp, distinctly British humour and nostalgic warmth that have most appeal. Adroitly combined, they enhance an otherwise conventional plot and bring out the best in a collectively fine cast - especially in the delicious, climactic re-creation of the TV programme itself.


A working-class student struggling to fit in at a Bristol university in the 1980s applies his formidable general knowledge to get on the college's University Challenge team. An even bigger challenge presents itself as he tries to woo a team-mate. Comedy drama, starring James McAvoy, Alice Eve, Catherine Tate, Charles Dance and Lindsay Duncan, with Mark Gatiss as quizmaster Bamber Gascoigne.

Cast & Crew

Brian Jackson James McAvoy
Alice Harbinson Alice Eve
Rebecca Epstein Rebecca Hall
Julie Jackson Catherine Tate
Spencer Dominic Cooper
Patrick Benedict Cumberbatch
Tone James Corden
Bamber Gascoigne Mark Gatiss
Michael Harbinson Charles Dance
Rose Harbinson Lindsay Duncan
Josh Simon Woods
Lucy Chang Elaine Tan
Director Tom Vaughan (1)
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: IconGuidance: Contains swearing, nudity and drug abuse.Available on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 10 Nov 2006
Drama Comedy