Lost City Raiders

Lost City Raiders

Jean de Segonzac (2008)

PG Certificate
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A series of environmental disasters leaves Earth almost entirely flooded, with the surviving humans crammed into overpopulated cities on the few remaining areas of land. Submarine crews embark on perilous missions to explore the underwater ruins of old cities in search of vital supplies to salvage. Sci-fi adventure, starring James Brolin and Ian Somerhalder.

Cast & Crew

Pa Kubiak James Brolin
Jack Kubiak Ian Somerhalder
Giovanna Becker Bettina Zimmermann
Thomas Kubiak Jamie Thomas King
Cara Elodie Frenck
Nicholas Filiminov Ben Cross
Cardinal Battaglia Michael Mendl
Alexi Dan Hurst
Director Jean de Segonzac
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour