Wonder Park

Wonder Park


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In this digitally animated family feature, a magical amusement park proves an imaginary refuge for a young girl when her mother's taken seriously ill. With its array of hair-raising rides and adorable animal mascots, Wonderland is too good to be true since it springs from the fertile creativity of schoolgirl June (voiced by Brianna Denski) and her doting mum (Jennifer Garner). So, when the latter is hospitalised, the park begins to fall apart at the seams, too. As June begins to draw on her own inner resilience, the grown-up audience may spot echoes of both Studio Ghibli's My Neighbour Totoro and Pixar's Inside Out, though younger viewers may not grasp that the whole movie's actually a metaphor for coping with cancer. Still, the assured animation provides lots of whizz-bang action, and Doctor Who icon Tom Baker delivers an amiable vocal turn as a galumphing bear. Trouble is, it's so busy trying to be clever that the intended emotional pay-off never comes through. If you are wondering why there is no director credit, it's because Dylan Brown was removed following allegations of "inappropriate and unwanted conduct in the workplace."


June, a science-loving little girl, and her mother spend hours playing with stuffed animals and other toys, fashioning a world of imagination connected to a fabulous theme park. When June's mom is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and has to go away for treatment, June finds a real version of her theme park. Animated family adventure, with the voices of Mila Kunis and Jennifer Garner.

Cast & Crew

June Brianna Denski
Mom Jennifer Garner
Boomer Ken Hudson Campbell
Gus Kenan Thompson
Greta the Warthog Mila Kunis
Steve the Porcupine John Oliver (2)
Cooper Ken Jeong
Dad Matthew Broderick
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: ParamountReleased on: 8 Apr 2019