The Good Witch's Family

The Good Witch's Family

Craig Pryce (2011)

PG Certificate


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A malicious, long-lost cousin causes problems for small-town sorceress Cassie Nightingale (Catherine Bell) in the undemanding fourth film in the popular Good Witch TV-movie series. Using her own spellcasting skills, black sheep Abigail (Sarah Power) throws her aunt's blissful life into disarray: creating mild domestic tension between newlywed Cassie and her stepfamily and complicating her campaign to become local mayor. However, as usual, nothing shakes the luminous Bell's constant benevolence and serenity, with her soothing but simplistic words of wisdom bringing quick and convenient solutions before any real drama develops. While this emphasis on optimistic aphorisms over actual magical intervention makes the predictable fantasy slighter and less fun than its predecessors, there's still enough customary warmth and sweetness to keep fans happy.


Cassandra Nightingale runs for mayor and considers starting a family, while also receiving a visit from her estranged niece. While seemingly helpful and friendly, the newfound relative is secretly jealous of Cassandra's perfect life and seeks to turn her friends against her. Fourth in the drama series, starring Catherine Bell, Sarah Power and Matthew Knight.

Cast & Crew

Cassandra Nightingale Catherine Bell
Jake Russell Chris Potter
Abigail Pershing Sarah Power
Brandon Russell Matthew Knight
Lori Russell Hannah Endicott-Douglas
Derek Sanders Noah Cappe
Citizen Jeannie Karen Ivany
Wes Maneri Rhys Ward
Director Craig Pryce
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour