The Appaloosa

The Appaloosa

Sidney J Furie (1966)

PG Certificate


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Marlon Brando and his much-prized Appaloosa horse become the target for a Mexican bandit chief in this very 1960s western, flashily directed by Sidney J Furie (who had just made The Ipcress File). Brando is at his mumbliest, moodiest and most masochistic, having already been on the revenge trail with his own superior western One-Eyed Jacks. The highlight is an absurd arm-locking duel fought between Brando and John Saxon over a pair of scorpions - the loser gets stung - and the whole movie has an operatic, parodic quality that recalls the style of Sergio Leone. Originally released as The Appaloosa, the movie's title was changed for the UK because the studio wanted to add a "Home on the Range"-style theme song.


A Mexican-American cowboy swears revenge on the bandit chieftain whose female accomplice and lover stole his prize Appaloosa stallion and ended his dream of owning a stud farm. A foray into the bandit camp leads to his humiliation and torture, until a final arm-wrestling duel with the leader offers a chance of survival. Western, with Marlon Brando, John Saxon, Anjanette Comer and Emilio Fernandez.

Cast & Crew

Matt Fletcher Marlon Brando
Chuy Medina John Saxon
Trini Anjanette Comer
Lazaro Emilio Fernandez
Squint Eye Alex Montoya
Ana Miriam Colon
Paco Rafael Campos
Ramos Frank Silvera
Director Sidney J Furie
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Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD