In the Army Now

In the Army Now

Daniel Petrie Jr (1994)

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Pauly Shore is something of an acquired taste, but one thing that counts in his favour is his willingness to strain every sinew in the hope of raising a laugh. Alas, he's got no chance in this marvel of military mayhem, thanks to the eight writers who toiled on the lamentable script. Comedy seems to have been the last thing on their minds when they penned this barmy story about a doltish shop assistant who finds himself in the middle of a US mission against Libya. There's no satire, no farce, no wit - just dumb utterances and whimsical slapstick.


Two misguided dreamers enlist in the United States Army Reserve in the hope of making some much-needed cash, but a series of mishaps lands them and their new-found friends right in the firing line. Comedy, starring Pauly Shore, Lori Petty, Andy Dick, Lynn Whitfield and David Alan Grier.

Cast & Crew

Bones Conway Pauly Shore
Jack Kaufman Andy Dick
Christine Jones Lori Petty
Fred Ostroff David Alan Grier
Sergeant Stern Esai Morales
Sergeant Ladd Lynn Whitfield
Sergeant Williams Art LaFleur
Soldier Brendan Fraser
Director Daniel Petrie Jr
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD