The Shootist

The Shootist

Don Siegel (1976)

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This was John Wayne's last movie and it turned out to be a fitting tribute to a great talent. Dirty Harry director Don Siegel was not a man to dwell on the maudlin, and this fine western plays like a Shane for the 1970s. The Duke stars as a retired gunfighter dying of cancer, with Ron Howard as the wide-eyed innocent to Wayne's Alan Ladd. There's also superb support from the likes of James Stewart, Lauren Bacall, Richard Boone and, especially, the underused Hugh O'Brian as one of the Duke's adversaries. The opening titles form a touching montage to an outstanding career; how often does a star of Wayne's magnitude leave the screen with such dignity?


A renowned gunfighter learns he is dying of cancer and resolves to pass his last days peacefully. Renting a room from a widow while he puts his affairs in order, he is troubled to discover her teenage son idolises him, while a succession of gunmen turn up in the hope of luring him back to his old ways. Western, with John Wayne in his final role, alongside Lauren Bacall, James Stewart and Ron Howard.

Cast & Crew

John Bernard Books John Wayne
Bond Rogers Lauren Bacall
Dr Hostetler James Stewart
Gillom Rogers Ron Howard
Sweeney Richard Boone
Pulford Hugh O'Brian
Cobb Bill McKinney
Marshall Thibido Harry Morgan
Beckum John Carradine
Serepta Sheree North
Dobkins Rick Lenz
Moses Scatman Crothers
Director Don Siegel
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Cinema International Corp. UKGuidance: Violence, edited for language.Available on: video and DVD