The House in Nightmare Park

The House in Nightmare Park

Peter Sykes (1973)

PG Certificate


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Oooer missus! One of the few low points in comedian Frankie Howerd's career is this failed fright farce, which invites poor comparisons with Bob Hope's horror comedy classic The Cat and the Canary. Howerd, who aptly plays a ham actor, is invited to perform at Ray Milland's creepy stately home and discovers he's heir to the family fortune. As the corpses pile up, so do the lame gags. Hammer director Peter Sykes fails to blend chills with chortles, but it's really not his fault. Howerd's stagey brand of vaudeville requires live audience spontaneity; remove that and he becomes a mere buffoon drowning in a sea of desperate camera mugging. Hardly Night of the Laughing Dead, the film's alternative title.


An unsuccessful actor in the 1900s reluctantly agrees to perform at a creepy country house - unaware that an axe-murderer is prowling its grounds at night. Comedy horror, starring Frankie Howerd, Ray Milland, Kenneth Griffith and Hugh Burden.

Cast & Crew

Actor Frankie Howerd
Actor Ray Milland
Actor Kenneth Griffith
Actor Hugh Burden
Director Peter Sykes

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