Carlton-Brown of the F.O

Carlton-Brown of the F.O

Jeffrey Dell (1959)

PG Certificate


Our Score
A talented cast, led by Terry-Thomas and Peter Sellers, is put to disappointing use in this slightly silly Boulting brothers farce. Struggling with a rather bizarre script, Terry-Thomas plays a bungling diplomat who's dispatched to a faraway but suddenly mineral-rich British colony. His mission is to save the day for Blighty, but he blusters and blunders instead. The antics only manage to raise an occasional titter.


An inept diplomat takes charge of an obscure British colony rich in mineral deposits, but proves no match for the cunning locals. Comedy, starring Terry-Thomas and Peter Sellers.

Cast & Crew

Cadogen de Vere Carlton-Browne Terry-Thomas
Prime Minister Amphibulos Peter Sellers
Young king Ian Bannen
Colonel Bellingham Thorley Walters
British resident Miles Malleson
Foreign Office minister Raymond Huntley
Princess Ilyena Luciana Paluzzi
Grand Duke John Le Mesurier
Sir Arthur Carlton-Browne Kynaston Reeves
Director Jeffrey Dell
Director Roy Boulting
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteAvailable on: video and DVD