The Remaining

The Remaining

Casey La Scala (2014)

15 Certificate


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Trumpets blow and the wrath of God unleashes the four horsemen of the apocalypse in a religious-themed horror movie aimed at devout Christian audiences. When close knit friends get together for the wedding of Alexa Vega (SpyKids) and the newly converted Bryan Dechart, they witness The Rapture instead of the expected nuptials. They then have to face a series of catastrophic events while nocturnal creatures they have only heard about in sermons cause epic mayhem to create a new world order. The film downplays the preachiness while ensuring that the striking nightmare visuals are ace, meaning that, despite its content, this can be enjoyed by everyone from genre fan boy to agnostic. Nimbly directed by Casey La Scala, and performed with engaging conviction, this Book of Revelations faith-based shocker is surprisingly effective.


A group of friends gathers for a wedding, only to find themselves trapped in Hell on Earth when Biblical prophecies of the apocalypse come true. The remaining survivors left on Earth face a battle for salvation as hordes of demons rise up from Hell to take over the world. Horror, starring Johnny Pacar and Alexa PenaVega.

Cast & Crew

Tommy Johnny Pacar
Skylar Alexa PenaVega
Dan Bryan Dechart
Jack Shaun Sipos
Allison Italia Ricci
Sam Liz E Morgan
Pastor Shay John Pyper-Ferguson
Nurse Rachel Kim Pacheco
Director Casey La Scala
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Miracle CommunicationsGuidance: Violence.Released on: 7 Nov 2014