Murdered at 17

Murdered at 17

Curtis Crawford (2018)

PG Certificate


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If the new boyfriend seems dodgy then he probably is in this predictable and melodramatic thriller.


A teenage girl suffers from a disorder that causes her to fly into uncontrollable and sometimes violent rages, but falls for a charismatic stranger who seems to accept her for who she is. But when her best friend is brutally murdered, she has no choice but to depend on her new love - especially because she is worried that she might be the killer. Thriller, starring Cristine Prosperi and Blake Burt.

Cast & Crew

Carley Emerson Susan Walters
Brooke Emerson Cristine Prosperi
Jake Campali Blake Burt
Maddie Finley Emily Galley
Riley Pratt Blake Canning
Director Curtis Crawford
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour