Camilla Strom Henriksen (2018)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Circumstances turn a 13-year-old into the carer for her mentally unstable mother and vulnerable younger brother in this intimate Norwegian drama from actress-turned-writer/director Camilla Strom Henriksen. There's an air of foreboding in the family's gloomy Oslo apartment, as resilient Jill wonders what state her artist mum will be in today - sober or drunk? Filled with manic energy, or mired in despair? Either way, her daughter reacts with uncanny poise, and we're left pondering the cost to her own psychological wellbeing. With a thriller's slow-moving undertow which hints that the worst could be about to happen, the film's dramatic purpose becomes clearer once the self-involved jazz musician dad makes his appearance. Now we understand the roots of his wife's deep malaise, though once we've got the point, the whole thing lingers rather too long. Very much foreign-language art-movie fare, but with excellent performances across the generational divide. Those with similar life experiences will find much to ruminate on here.

Cast & Crew

Astrid Maria Bonnevie
Nils Sverrir Gudnason
Bo Casper Falck-Lovas
Jill Ylva Bjorkaas Thedin
Ellen Kjersti Sandal
Kristin Renate Reinsve
Director Camilla Strom Henriksen
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Other Information

Language: Norwegian +subtitlesColourTheatrical distributor: VerveGuidance: Swearing. Released on: 13 Sep 2019