The Cotton Club

The Cotton Club

Francis Ford Coppola (1984)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Richard Gere gets a chance to reveal his cornet-playing abilities in this tale of music and the Mob in toe-tappin' 1920s Harlem. Sadly, Gere's musical talents far outshine his performance, which seems almost trance-like in places, while Diane Lane often appears to be thoroughly bored in her role as Dutch Schultz's moll. The blame must lie with director Francis Coppola, who, in expending his energy on visual clout and showbiz set pieces (some of which are fabulous), under-directs his actors and forgets about the plot. Nevertheless, Bob Hoskins as the club owner and Fred Gwynne as his henchman certainly make their mark, while the Duke Ellington soundtrack is sheer bliss.


A cornet player becomes embroiled in the criminal underworld after saving the life of a Mob boss, but tries to escape the influence of his so-called benefactor by pursuing a movie career. Francis Ford Coppola's crime drama set in 1930s Harlem, starring Richard Gere, Diane Lane, Gregory Hines, Bob Hoskins, Nicolas Cage, Laurence Fishburne, Jennifer Grey and Tom Waits.

Cast & Crew

Dixie Dwyer Richard Gere
Vera Cicero Diane Lane
Vincent Dwyer Nicolas Cage
Owney Madden Bob Hoskins
Sandman Williams Gregory Hines
Bumpy Rhodes Laurence Fishburne
Patsy Dwyer Jennifer Grey
Irving Stark Tom Waits
Dutch Schultz James Remar
Director Francis Ford Coppola
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Rank Film Dists LtdGuidance: Contains violence, swearing and nudity. Available on: video and DVD