Milk Money

Milk Money

Richard Benjamin (1994)

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Our Score
Four years after Pretty Woman came Milk Money, another implausible "prostitute finds love with a nice man" romantic comedy, this time from My Stepmother Is an Alien director Richard Benjamin. It is much more warm-hearted than the more successful Julia Roberts film, with Melanie Griffith sexy and down-to-earth as the hooker brought home by a young boy as a prospective wife for his lonely dad (Ed Harris). Both Harris and Griffith give proficient, understated performances, while Malcolm McDowell is convincingly nasty as the pimp who's after Griffith. It's utterly preposterous but thoroughly enjoyable entertainment.


A young boy ventures into the seedier side of town with some schoolmates, hoping to catch some naked flesh. When they meet a street-wise prostitute, the boy decides to take her home as the perfect match for his widowed father. But things are not as easy as they seem, with the prostitute's seedy past catching up with her and a ruthless mobster returning to haunt her.

Cast & Crew

V Melanie Griffith
Tom Wheeler Ed Harris
Frank Wheeler Michael Patrick Carter
Waltzer Malcolm McDowell
Betty Anne Heche
Cash Casey Siemaszko
Jerry the Pope Philip Bosco
Kevin Clean Brian Christopher
Brad Adam LaVorgna
Mr Clean Kevin Scannell
Director Richard Benjamin
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Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD