Code Name: Emerald

Code Name: Emerald

Jonathan Sanger (1985)

PG Certificate


Our Score
This is a polished piece of film-making. So polished, in fact, that any trace of originality or enterprise has been scrupulously wiped away. Surely the only excuse for making a Second World War espionage adventure in 1985 was to divulge the secrets of some hitherto hush-hush true-life operation. Not, as here, to take elements from any number of wartime thrillers and form them into yet another collage of double agents, decent Nazis, Gestapo sadists and sacrificial lambs engaged in a story of disinformation, torture and betrayal set in the weeks before D-Day. Well-played, efficient but redundant entertainment.


A double agent parachutes into France to rescue a captured American lieutenant who has inside information about the D-Day landings. Second World War spy adventure, starring Ed Harris, Max von Sydow, Horst Buchholz, Eric Stoltz and Helmut Berger.

Cast & Crew

Actor Ed Harris
Actor Max von Sydow
Actor Horst Buchholz
Actor Eric Stoltz
Actor Helmut Berger
Director Jonathan Sanger
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Brief swearing.Available on: video