Muriel Box (1956)

PG Certificate


Our Score
Donald Sinden, a rather bland leading man on both stage and screen before this was made, successfully attempts a rather different character role, conveying all the ruthlessness of the heartless killer as he tries to rub out the witness to a crime. He is effectively supported by Muriel Pavlow (as his would-be victim), Belinda Lee, Michael Craig and Nigel Stock, while director Muriel Box (working with her regular collaborator, producer husband Sydney Box) unfurls the suspense with a good sense of timing, knowing just when to press the thrill button.


A woman is rushed to hospital after witnessing a robbery - but the thieves intend to find her before she can identify them. Crime drama, starring Donald Sinden and Muriel Pavlow.

Cast & Crew

Wade Donald Sinden
Lucy Church Muriel Pavlow
Nurse Penny Gladstone Belinda Lee
Director Muriel Box

Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteAvailable on: DVD