The Mothman Prophecies

The Mothman Prophecies

Mark Pellington (2001)

12 Certificate


Our Score
The presence of Richard Gere in this paranormal thriller (based on "true" events) may suggest a rather mainstream approach to the material. Yet this eerie and engrossing movie is far from conventional, combining off-kilter camerawork and spooky sound mixing with enough narrative ambiguity to fill several David Lynch movies. Gere plays a political reporter who one night inexplicably drives hundreds of miles out of his way to a small West Virginia town. He discovers that the confused inhabitants - including Laura Linney and Will Patton - are plagued by strange visitations from a large winged creature that seem to foreshadow disaster. Gere's attempts to connect these surreal events with a personal tragedy form the emotional backbone of the story, while the now familiar X Files-like encounters are composed with flair and imagination by director Mark Pellington (Arlington Road). Although many questions are ultimately left unanswered, this is a well-crafted and grown-up chiller with a stunning climactic payoff.


A bereaved journalist gets inexplicably lost on his way to Virginia, and ends up in a rural backwater where the residents are reporting paranormal encounters and sightings of strange lights. He investigates further and is startled to uncover stories about a huge moth-like creature - the same animal that his wife claimed to see shortly before she died from a brain tumour. Supernatural thriller, with Richard Gere, Laura Linney, Will Patton, Debra Messing and Alan Bates.

Cast & Crew

John Klein Richard Gere
Connie Parker Laura Linney
Gordon Smallwood Will Patton
Dr Alexander Leek Alan Bates
Denise Smallwood Lucinda Jenney
Mary Klein Debra Messing
Brian Tom Stoviak
Dr McElroy Yvonne Erickson
Director Mark Pellington
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Helkon SKGuidance: Violence, swearing and a sex scene. Available on: video and DVD