Three - III

Three - III

Stewart Raffill (2006)

15 Certificate


Our Score
The tiresomely regular unveiling of Kelly Brook's breasts is the most obvious draw for this inept desert island-set farrago. But impressive though they no doubt are to the film's hormonal target audience, even they can't obscure the lackadaisical performances, bottom-rung production values and a dim-witted screenplay that makes Return to the Blue Lagoon look like Bergman. Brook is the only female washed up on a desert island with her jealous husband (Billy Zane) and a studly ship's mate (Juan Pablo Di Pace), who predictably develops the hots for her. Instead of making any concrete plans for escape they bicker, steal each other's food and - in Brook's and her new muscle-boy's case - do a bit of coyly shot skinny-dipping before the whole movie degenerates into a murderous farce. By the end you just wish the sharks had got to them before they reached dry land.


The trophy wife of a wealthy businessman is marooned on a desert island with one of her servants - and they begin a passionate affair. However, the situation is complicated when her husband is also washed up on the same beach and jealousy soon rears its ugly head. Thriller, starring Kelly Brook and Billy Zane.

Cast & Crew

Jennifer Kelly Brook
Jack Billy Zane
Manuel Juan Pablo Di Pace
Bill Todd Collins
Maria Maria Victoria Di Pace
Gail Gabrielle Jourdan
Capt Richards Gary Brockette
Maggie Richards Isabelle Constantini
Director Stewart Raffill
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: The WorksAvailable on: DVD