The Hireling

The Hireling

Alan Bridges (1973)

PG Certificate


Our Score
Set in the socially divided Britain of 1923, this adaptation of an LP Hartley novel makes up in elegance and ideas for what it lacks in get-up-and-go drama. Neurotic, upper-class Sarah Miles hires the services of chauffeur Robert Shaw, and their working relationship helps to restore some balance in her fraught existence. However, his adoration for his mistress soon adds a touch of agitation to the mix. Director Alan Bridges's period piece has a topical relevance about who is really in the driving seat, but the drama is too crass to be truly affecting.


An upper-class widow suffering from depression over the loss of her husband develops an unusual relationship with her chauffeur. Drama, starring Robert Shaw and Sarah Miles.

Cast & Crew

Steven Ledbetter Robert Shaw
Lady Franklin Sarah Miles
Capt Hugh Cantrip Peter Egan
Director Alan Bridges

Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Champion FilmsAvailable on: video and DVD