She Played with Fire

She Played with Fire

Sidney Gilliat (1956)

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Adapted from a novel by Winston Graham (of Poldark fame), this fair-to-middling thriller by the inseparable duo of Frank Launder and Sidney Gilliat is all plot and no point. Borrowing from a thousand and one films noirs, it follows the misfortunes of Jack Hawkins, an insurance assessor whose investigation of a series of fires draws him into murder, marriage and blackmail with a fatalistic inevitability. Hawkins lacks the vulnerability that Edward G Robinson brought to similar films like The Woman in the Window, while Arlene Dahl's femme fatale has too little of the allure that would make such a dangerous liaison worth the risk.


An insurance inspector gets back together with a former lover, but begins to fear that she murdered her husband. Crime drama, starring Jack Hawkins and Arlene Dahl.

Cast & Crew

Oliver Branwell Jack Hawkins
Sarah Moreton Branwell Arlene Dahl
Tracey Moreton Dennis Price
Director Sidney Gilliat

Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Launder Prods Ltd