Peter Werner (2006)

PG Certificate


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A real-life survival story gets a sassy Sex and the City makeover in this inspirational TV drama. Scrubs star Sarah Chalke is increasingly affecting as the 27-year-old New York journalist who uses her red lipstick as psychological armour against the world after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Fashion brands and pop culture references litter the dialogue, giving the plot an unusual vitality and youthful irreverence. This sitcom-style self-awareness develops into something deeper once the harsh reality of chemotherapy takes effect, with Chalke's intimate performance candidly capturing the emotional and physical facts of her character's condition. Inevitably, sentimentality does creep in, but it's the film's fighting spirit and overriding message of hope that dominate.


A woman who has recently graduated as a journalist and landed her dream job finds her life is turned upside down when she is diagnosed with breast cancer, but she tries to remain upbeat while she battles for her life. Comedy drama, starring Sarah Chalke, Jay Harrington and Julie Khaner.

Cast & Crew

Geralyn Lucas Sarah Chalke
Tyler Lucas Jay Harrington
Meredith Julie Khaner
Dr Bob Bradley Geoffrey Pounsett
Adam Jordan Barker
Victor Andrew Gillies
Dr Crone Yanna McIntosh
Linda Cavanaugh Natasha Henstridge
Director Peter Werner
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Language: EnglishColour
Drama Comedy