Zoltan Korda (1945)

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Based on the Broadway play (itself based on a play by Ilya Vershinin and Mikhail Ruderman), this worthy piece of pro-Soviet propaganda was one of the productions used to denounce screenwriter John Howard Lawson during Hollywood's postwar communist witch-hunt. It's hardly the most subtle of stories, yet it more effectively conveys the bitter enmity that existed between Marxists and Nazis than Jean-Jacques Annaud's overblown Enemy at the Gates. It also serves as an involving psychological thriller, with Russians Paul Muni and Marguerite Chapman battling for the upper hand with seven enemy soldiers in a besieged factory cellar.


Seven German soldiers find themselves trapped in a bombed factory at the height of the Second World War - a predicament made worse by the appearance of a Russian soldier on a mission into enemy territory. Drama, starring Paul Muni, Marguerite Chapman, Larry Parks and Philip Van Sant.

Cast & Crew

Actor Paul Muni
Actor Marguerite Chapman
Actor Larry Parks
Actor Philip Van Sant
Director Zoltan Korda

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Language: EnglishBlack and white