Alien Siege

Alien Siege

Robert Stadd (2005)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Hostile aliens demand the blood of eight million humans to save their race from a deadly virus in this low-budget sci-fi movie. Unfortunately, it's a case of interesting concept but lousy execution, as Robert Stadd's flat direction robs every scene of drama and excitement. The acting is also totally bland, with star Brad Johnson performing like a walking plank as he tries to prevent his daughter becoming part of the invaders' extreme cure. No wonder co-star Carl Weathers seems permanently embarrassed in his role as a US general. Elsewhere, ropey special effects draw unwanted attention to the multiplying plot holes, though even they're more convincing than the lame-looking extraterrestrials.


Alien invaders believe human blood is the cure to a viral disease that threatens their existence, and attack Earth to pressure world leaders into offering up eight million randomly chosen people in return for sparing the rest of the human race. Meanwhile, a scientist whose daughter has been selected joins a resistance group to rescue her. Sci-fi thriller, with Brad Johnson, Erin Ross, Carl Weathers and Lilas Lane.

Cast & Crew

Stephen Chase Brad Johnson
Heather Chase Erin Ross
Gen Skyler Carl Weathers
Blair Lilas Lane
Kor Jonathan Sanderson
Alex Cory Michael Davis
Jal Gregor Paslawsky
The President Ray Baker
Director Robert Stadd
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour