The Two-Headed Spy

The Two-Headed Spy

Andre De Toth (1958)

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Fri 29 Jan 5:20pm - 6:15pm Sony Movies Action
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Fri 29 Jan, 6:20pm - 7:15pm Sony Movies Action
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A taut little wartime spy saga, directed by the one-eyed Andre De Toth, with Jack Hawkins as the Englishman who has been planted by British intelligence into Germany since the end of the First World War. By the time the Second World War breaks out, Hawkins has a senior admin job in Berlin and passes information to his contact, a clockmaker, and then to a singer played by Gia Scala. The emphasis is on Hawkins's character and his refusal to become romantically involved with anyone and therefore vulnerable. Kenneth Griffith appears briefly as Hitler, a young Michael Caine exhibits his flair for foreign accents playing a Gestapo agent, and there's also a chance to see British stage actor Walter Hudd, who was cast as Lawrence of Arabia for a Korda project in the 1930s.


A British spy disguises himself as a Nazi to infiltrate the Gestapo. Fact-based Second World War drama, starring Jack Hawkins and Gia Scala.

Cast & Crew

Actor Jack Hawkins
Actor Donald Pleasence
Actor Michael Caine
Actor Gia Scala
Actor Erik Schumann
Actor Laurence Naismith
Actor Kenneth Griffith
Director Andre De Toth
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Columbia Picture Corp. Ltd