The Interrogation of Michael Crowe

The Interrogation of Michael Crowe

Don McBrearty (2002)

12 Certificate
Sun 2 Jun 1am - 3am True Entertainment


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A powerful sense of injustice pervades this compelling if one-sided tale of family tragedy and police malpractice, featuring former Brat Packer, Ally Sheedy. Superbly acted and capturing seriously intense emotions without sentimentality, the true story-based drama explores psychological coercion through the shocking case of the titular, 14-year-old American (Mark Rendall), who was accused of murdering his younger sister in her bed. Seeing the way the devastated Crowe clan, including mum Sheedy, are treated by investigators immediately following the dead child's discovery is disturbing enough; however, your indignation is likely to go off the scale during Michael's subsequent, and deplorable, police grilling. The boy's confusion and despair is affectingly palpable, as tight direction accentuates both the pressure-cooker situation and the universally convincing performances. It's true the events are extremely manipulative, particularly given their pro-Michael bias, but despite little attempt to explain the actions of the detectives, this is still a superior TV movie.


A 14-year-old boy is accused of murdering his younger sister despite evidence to the contrary, leading observers to wonder if the police are doing everything they can to find the truth. Fact-based drama, starring Ally Sheedy and Mark Rendall.

Cast & Crew

Michael Crowe Mark Rendall
Cheryl Crowe Ally Sheedy
Stephen Crowe Michael Riley
Det Claytor John Bourgeois
Shannon Crowe Hannah Lochner
Dorothy Sorenson Rosemary Dunsmore
Det Baker Karl Pruner
Stephanie Crowe Anna Mary Wilson
Director Don McBrearty
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Other Information

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