The Wrong Box

The Wrong Box

Bryan Forbes (1966)

U Certificate
Wed 28 Apr 6:50pm - 7:45pm Sony Movies Classic
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Wed 28 Apr, 7:50pm - 9pm Sony Movies Classic


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A veritable cornucopia of British comedy talent is featured in this period comedy that owes more to the freewheeling Swinging Sixties than to the Victorian era in which it is set. Based on a novel written by Robert Louis Stevenson in collaboration with his stepson, Lloyd Osbourne, it centres on a family inheritance, with John Mills trying to bump off brother Ralph Richardson. Though often shambolic, and slackly directed by Bryan Forbes, the cast list is to die for. Best of all is the redoubtable Peter Sellers, while then-new boy Michael Caine more than holds his own; but there are also quality turns from Tony Hancock and Wilfrid Lawson, as well as a sublime chance to see Peter Cook and Dudley Moore together in their prime.


Two elderly brothers each stand to inherit a fortune if the other dies first - but one of them is not prepared to leave anything to chance, and begins a series of disastrous attempts on his unsuspecting sibling's life. However, when one of the pair appears to have really died, his nephews conspire to cover it up. Black comedy, with John Mills, Ralph Richardson, Michael Caine, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore.

Cast & Crew

Joseph Finsbury Ralph Richardson
Masterman Finsbury John Mills
Michael Finsbury Michael Caine
Morris Finsbury Peter Cook
John Finsbury Dudley Moore
Dr Gregory Pratt Peter Sellers
Julia Finsbury Nanette Newman
Detective Tony Hancock
Director Bryan Forbes
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