Guns for San Sebastian

Guns for San Sebastian

Henri Verneuil (1968)

PG Certificate


Our Score
Already pretty heavy going, this uncomfortable blend of social theology, coarse comedy and bruising action is made all the more intolerable by the sloppy dubbing. Not that the dialogue would have benefited much from a slicker job, as James R Webb's adaptation of William Barby Faherty's novel A Wall for San Sebastian is full of bombastic pronouncements and glib posturings. Anthony Quinn is at full throttle as a mid-18th-century Mexican drifter posing as a priest. But Henri Verneuil handles the fighting with aplomb, and there's a brooding dignity about Charles Bronson's misguided loyalty. Of course, Ennio Morricone's score helps too.


A bandit is mistaken for a priest and reluctantly agrees to help beleaguered Mexican villagers fight back against marauding Indians. Western, starring Anthony Quinn, Anjanette Comer, Charles Bronson and Sam Jaffe.

Cast & Crew

Leon Alastray Anthony Quinn
Kinita Anjanette Comer
Teclo Charles Bronson
Father Joseph Sam Jaffe
Felicia Silvia Pinal
Cayetano Jorge Martinez DeHoyos
Golden Lance Jaime Fernandez
Agueda Rosa Furman
Director Henri Verneuil
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Other Information

Language: French dubbedColourTheatrical distributor: MGM PicturesAvailable on: video