Edgar G Ulmer (1945)

U Certificate


Our Score
A remarkably pacey and stylish B-movie thriller that's now rightly recognised as a minor classic. It's a fitting tribute to skilled director Edgar G Ulmer, who made this hard-boiled little gem in just six days. Lead Tom Neal's lack of acting ability actually helps the stark tale of a hitch-hiker buffeted by fate, and the remarkable Ann Savage creates the kind of femme fatale you wouldn't want to meet in the dark. The clever use of night shooting and a score seemingly made up from Chopin's out-takes enhance the grimy tale which, despite its ultimately weak resolution, is a deeply satisfying example of what enthusiasts today refer to as film noir. Ulmer would have laughed at the term.


A hitch-hiking musician is picked up by a femme fatale and quickly falls for her charms, only to end up implicated in two murders with unexpectedly tragic consequences. Thriller, starring Tom Neal, Ann Savage, Claudia Drake and Tim Ryan.

Cast & Crew

Actor Tom Neal
Actor Ann Savage
Actor Claudia Drake
Actor Tim Ryan
Director Edgar G Ulmer

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