Three Hours to Kill

Three Hours to Kill

Alfred L Werker (1954)



Our Score
A strange little western - one of dozens influenced by High Noon's emphasis on ticking clocks - in which Dana Andrews has three hours to find the man who killed his fiancée's brother. Having escaped a lynch mob and finding, three years later, that his lady love (Donna Reed) is unhappily married to a former friend, Andrews is in a hurry to clear his name and give us a happy ending. Andrews - never a truly macho hero as he always seems to be weighed down by problems - is well cast, and the story rattles along in B-movie fashion, with mild tension and an agreeable lack of pretension.


After being framed for murder and narrowly escaping the town mob, Jim Guthrie returns three years later to find the real killer. Western, starring Dana Andrews.

Cast & Crew

Jim Guthrie Dana Andrews
Laurie Mastin Donna Reed
Chris Palmer Dianne Foster
Sheriff Ben East Stephen Elliott
Director Alfred L Werker

Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Columbia Picture Corp. Ltd