Locusts: the Eighth Plague

Locusts: the Eighth Plague

Ian Gilmour (2005)

15 Certificate
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A laboratory has genetically engineered locusts to eat meat, which will prevent the destruction of crops and the heavy use of pesticides. However, the locusts escape through a malfunctioning door, and it soon becomes clear that the swarm will any meat - including human flesh. A small team of scientists hastily assemble in a frantic effort to stop the insects from destroying everything in their path. Horror, with Dan Cortese, Julie Benz, and David Keith.

Cast & Crew

Colt Dan Cortese
Vicky Julie Benz
Gary David Keith
Russ Jeff Fahey
Greg Kirk BR Woller
Henderson Kasko Srewgew
Kyle Kajue Shopov
Bill Hristo Mitzkov
Director Ian Gilmour
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour