Colt .45

Colt .45

Edwin L Marin (1950)

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One of the most successful westerns in a great year for the genre (Wagon Master, The Gunfighter and Broken Arrow were also produced in 1950), this movie shared a trend with Winchester '73 for taking its title from one of the legendary guns that won the West. Here craggy Randolph Scott is a gun salesman whose deadly wares are stolen by Zachary Scott and used in a series of hold-ups. Apart from a romantic interlude with Ruth Roman that's totally unconvincing in this context, it's a fast-moving, though conventional, western that benefits from the use of 1950s Technicolor and the iconic charm of Randolph Scott, an often undervalued tall guy in the saddle.


A gun salesman pursues the outlaws who stole a consignment of his weapons, in the hope of proving he did not provide them willingly. The quest leads to him becoming a deputy lawman after he protects a stagecoach - but does not realise the sheriff is in league with the bandits he is hunting. Western, starring Randolph Scott and Ruth Roman.

Cast & Crew

Steve Farrell Randolph Scott
Beth Donovan Ruth Roman
Paul Donovan Lloyd Bridges
Jason Brett Zachary Scott
Sheriff Harris Alan Hale
Miller Ian MacDonald
Walking Bear Chief Thundercloud
Judge Tucker Luther Crockett
Director Edwin L Marin
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Warner Bros Pictures Ltd