The Second Woman

The Second Woman

James V Kern (1951)

PG Certificate
Sat 8 Feb 4:10am - 6am Talking Pictures TV


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This minor melodrama explains why Robert Young's architect suffers from blackouts and memory loss and is driven to attempt suicide. More usually it's a female who is being victimised in the psychological thrillers of this period, but here the roles are reversed and it's girlfriend Betsy Drake who exposes the villain who is out to deprive Young of his sanity. The best feature is the photography by Hal Mohr, which aims at a film noir moodiness. As a psychiatrist, Morris Carnovksy makes one of his last appearances before being blacklisted.


An architect shuts himself off from the outside world after his fiancee is killed in a car accident. However, a series of strange and sinister events leave him sure that someone blames him for the tragedy - and is out to make him suffer. Thriller, starring Robert Young, Betsy Drake and John Sutton.

Cast & Crew

Jeff Cohalan Robert Young
Ellen Foster Betsy Drake
Keith Ferris John Sutton
Amelia Foster Florence Bates
Dr Raymond Hartley Morris Carnovsky
Ben Sheppard Henry O'Neill
Dodo Ferris Jean Rogers
Maj Badger Raymond Largay
Director James V Kern
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: United Artists Corp. Ltd