Psycho II

Psycho II

Richard Franklin (1983)

18 Certificate


Our Score
Two decades after the motel murders, Norman Bates is released from the asylum and returns to the scene of his crimes - but has "Mother" come too? Of course, this isn't Hitchcock, but it's a highly credible, nicely creepy and well-paced sequel, and Anthony Perkins reprises his most famous role with no visible signs of ennui. There are several other enjoyable and gritty performances, most notably from original cast member Vera Miles, still seeking vengeance for her sister's demise in the first film, and Dennis Franz as the motel manager whose entrepreneurial skills are not appreciated by Mr Bates. Great fun.


A seemingly sane Norman Bates returns to his motel after 22 years in a mental institution, but many people are convinced he is still dangerous. As a series of murders unfolds, Norman begins to fear the split personality that drove him to kill is reasserting itself - but a waitress is certain another killer is at large. Horror sequel, starring Anthony Perkins, Meg Tilly and Robert Loggia.

Cast & Crew

Norman Bates Anthony Perkins
Mary Loomis Meg Tilly
Dr Bill Raymond Robert Loggia
Warren Toomey Dennis Franz
Lila Loomis Vera Miles
Sheriff John Hunt Hugh Gillin
Mrs Emma Spool Claudia Bryar
Ralph Statler Robert Alan Browne
Director Richard Franklin
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Contains violence, swearing and nudity.Available on: video, DVD and Blu-ray