An Emma Fielding Mystery 2 - Past Malice

An Emma Fielding Mystery 2 - Past Malice

Kevin Fair (2018)

PG Certificate
Tuesday 9am - 11am Movies 24
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Archaeologist Emma Fielding is hired to consult on the acquisition of a castle-like estate that local legend states is cursed. However, after valuable artifacts disappear she soon finds herself in the middle of a murder inquiry when discovering the body of the person she was hired to shadow in a secret chamber in the bowels of the huge building. Mystery, starring Courtney Thorne-Smith, James Tupper and Sitara Hewitt.

Cast & Crew

Emma Fielding Courtney Thorne-Smith
Adelle Fisher Sitara Hewitt
Perry Quinn Kimberly Sustad
Sheriff Goode Panou
Carey Tess Atkins
Joe Adam DiMarco
Sherman Arlington William MacDonald
Reporter Gelsea Mae
Director Kevin Fair
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