The Corruptor

The Corruptor

James Foley (1999)

18 Certificate


Our Score
With muscle man Mark Wahlberg (Boogie Nights) and cool Hong Kong star Chow Yun-Fat (Hard-Boiled, The Replacement Killers) on board, you'd expect this tale of police corruption, Chinese gangs and murder in New York's Chinatown to be action-packed from start to finish. Instead, this is a surprisingly plodding and confusing thriller that's low on interesting set pieces. James Foley's direction is surprisingly uninspired - there was a good film in here somewhere, but regrettably he couldn't find it - and the charismatic stars are bogged down by the unnecessarily convoluted plot.


A tough-talking New York cop and his new partner are assigned to keep the peace in Chinatown - just as a violent turf war breaks out among rival Triad factions. As events unfold and secrets emerge, it seems doubtful the pair will ever be able to trust each other. Action thriller, starring Chow Yun-Fat, Mark Wahlberg and Brian Cox.

Cast & Crew

Nick Chen Chow Yun-Fat
Danny Wallace Mark Wahlberg
Sean Wallace Brian Cox
Henry Lee Ric Young
Schabacker Paul Ben-Victor
Willy Ung Andrew Pang
Bobby Vu Byron Mann
Louise Deng Elizabeth Lindsey
Director James Foley
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Entertainment Film Dists LtdGuidance: Violence, swearing and nudity.Available on: video and DVD