Dracula 2000

Dracula 2000

Patrick Lussier (2000)

15 Certificate


Our Score
This ill-advised Bram Stoker redefinition from editor-turned-director Patrick Lussier takes most of its hoary plot cues from Hammer's Dracula AD 1972 and feels just as behind the times. A gang of stupid thieves breaks in to an ancient crypt in the modern London house of Abraham Van Helsing (Christopher Plummer) looking for treasure, but instead finds a heavily sealed coffin. They put it on a plane headed for New Orleans, but, once airborne, they become victims of its occupant - Count Dracula (Gerard Butler) - who really appreciates the trip because he needs to find Van Helsing's Basin Street-based daughter, Mary (Justine Waddell), with whom he has sinister blood ties. It's up to antiques dealer Simon (Jonny Lee Miller in hilarious "diamond geezer" mode) and shop assistant Mary to thwart the Count's family reunion plans. Lussier's attempt to inject hip life into vampire mythology by giving it a Scream spin is pretty much an all-round disaster because the plot is plodding and schematic to a ludicrous degree and hopelessly tarted up with boring rock video imagery and yawn-inducing camera trickery.


Thieves steal the vampire's sealed coffin in the mistaken belief that it contains silver bullion. Unable to prise it open, they decide to have it flown to America, but the count emerges during the flight and kills his captors, including the pilot. After the plane crashes he heads straight for the estranged daughter of his age-old nemesis Van Helsing. Horror, starring Jonny Lee Miller, Christopher Plummer, Gerard Butler and Justine Waddell.

Cast & Crew

Simon Jonny Lee Miller
Abraham Van Helsing/Matthew Van Helsing Christopher Plummer
Dracula Gerard Butler
Mary Justine Waddell
Solina Jennifer Esposito
Marcus Omar Epps
Lucy Colleen Fitzpatrick
Trick Sean Patrick Thomas
Eddie Lochlyn Munro
Director Patrick Lussier
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Buena VistaGuidance: Contains violence and swearing.Available on: video and DVD