The Raft

The Raft

Marcus Lindeen (2018)

12A Certificate


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In 1973, decades before Big Brother became must-see reality TV, anthropologist Santiago Genovés embarked on "one of the strangest group experiments of all time" by placing 11 disparate people - six women and five men from different nations and ethnicities - on a raft set to drift across the Atlantic from the Canaries to Mexico. This fascinating documentary gathers the surviving crew members on a full-size replica of the vessel where they reflect, agonise, reveal long-held secrets and try to come to terms with their life-changing experience. Genovés expected to observe plenty of sexual tension, conflict and aggression in this isolated, pressure-cooker environment, and so he put the women in positions of power (notably Swedish Maria Björnstam as captain) while the men had the less important duties. However, his best-laid plans begin to flounder when hurricanes, near collisions, mutiny and the sheer peril of floating across an ocean without a motor intercede. The combination of the original 16mm footage with the survivors' recollections is powerful and moving, with Fé Seymour's midway epiphany (or "ocean vertigo", as she calls it) a profoundly illuminating moment.

Cast & Crew

Santiago Genovés Daniel Gimenez Cacho
Fé Seymour Fé Seymour
Maria Björnstam Maria Björnstam
Servane Zanotti Servane Zanotti
Mary Gidley Mary Gidley
Rachida Lièvre Rachida Lièvre
Edna Reves Edna Reves
Eisuke Yamaki Eisuke Yamaki
Director Marcus Lindeen
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Other Information

Language: English, French, German, Japanese, Swedish, Spanish +subtitlesColourTheatrical distributor: Modern FilmsReleased on: 18 Jan 2019