Wedding Daze

Wedding Daze

Michael Ian Black (2006)

15 Certificate
Fri 14 Aug 3:50am - 5am AMC
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Our Score
Black comedy is a tough tightrope to walk, and Wedding Daze falls off after just a couple of steps. American Pie star Jason Biggs is back in familiar territory here as a lovable loser whose "perfect" girlfriend drops dead from shock when he proposes. A year later, in an effort to conquer his depression, he spontaneously proposes to waitress Isla Fisher, a girl he's never met before. Inexplicably, she says "I do". But, of course, the path of new love never runs smooth. Despite some excursions into the mildly wild and wacky, Wedding Daze never recovers from its unfunny opening, nor the improbability of its premise. Biggs is a likeable leading man but he deserves better than this - as does the audience.


A man is planning to marry his girlfriend, but she drops dead while he is in the middle of proposing. One year later, he is still searching for a way to overcome his depression, and hits on the idea of spontaneously asking a waitress to be his wife. Amazingly, she agrees, but the news dismays his friends and family. Romantic comedy, starring Jason Biggs, Isla Fisher and Joe Pantoliano.

Cast & Crew

Anderson Jason Biggs
Katie Isla Fisher
Smitty Joe Pantoliano
Vanessa Audra Blaser
Lois Joanna Gleason
Kyle Rob Corddry
Ted Michael Weston
Jane Heather Goldenhersh
Director Michael Ian Black
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: PathéGuidance: Swearing, sexual referencesAvailable on: DVDReleased on: 1 Jun 2007