Joseph Vilsmaier (1992)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Produced to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Soviet rearguard that cost the Nazis all but 6,000 of their besieging army, Joseph Vilsmaier's combat epic makes its points about the barbarity and futility of war through the sheer scale of the enterprise. However, the lack of a human focus for our horror and pity reduces the impact of the impeccably reconstructed battle sequences, as the fighting moves from foxholes to street corners without ever really making us care for the stereotypical troopers. Mightily impressive, but insufficiently involving or cautionary.


Members of a German platoon attempt to survive amid the chaos of the notorious Second World War battle. When many of the group's soldiers are killed, a sadistic captain is put in charge, prompting some of the men to abandon their duties and make a bid to escape the Russian city. Thomas Kretschmann stars in this epic Second World War drama. With Dominique Horwitz and Jochen Nickel.

Cast & Crew

Fritz Dominique Horwitz
Hans Thomas Kretschmann
Rollo Jochen Nickel
GeGe Sebastian Rudolph
Irina Dana Vavrova
Gen Hentz Martin Benrath
Otto Sylvester Groth
Director Joseph Vilsmaier
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Other Information

Language: GermanColourAvailable on: video and DVD