The Duel at Silver Creek

The Duel at Silver Creek

Don Siegel (1952)

U Certificate


Our Score
This minor and utterly unremarkable Audie Murphy western somewhat surprisingly bears the name of ace Dirty Harry director Don Siegel. Unfortunately, it's absolutely devoid of the personal style Siegel brought to such low-budget films as Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Riot in Cell Block 11. This feels long even at its short running time, and is clearly padded for length with an uncomfortable prologue. Of course, Murphy and Siegel fans won't want to miss it, and the supporting cast of Faith Domergue, Stephen McNally and a pre-stardom Lee Marvin also makes it watchable, but this is a very ordinary western.


A gambler goes after the gang of claim jumpers who killed his father, and joins forces with an injured marshal who also wants the criminals brought to justice. However, their partnership is tested when a devious femme fatale enters their lives. Don Siegel's Western, starring Audie Murphy, Stephen McNally and Faith Domergue.

Cast & Crew

Silver Kid Audie Murphy
Lightning Tyrone Stephen McNally
Opal Lacey Faith Domergue
Dusty Fargo Susan Cabot
Rod Lacey Gerald Mohr
Johnny Sombrero Eugene Iglesias
Tinhorn Burgess Lee Marvin
Pete Fargo Walter Sande
Director Don Siegel
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: General Film Dist LtdAvailable on: video and DVD