The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse

Chris Crow (2016)

15 Certificate


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The limits of faith and sanity are tested when two men charged with manning a lighthouse at the turn of the 19th century find themselves trapped by the elements. The feeling of claustrophobia is palpable, as the diametrically opposed pair (played by Mark Lewis Jones and Michael Jibson) begin to unravel due to their circumstances. Chris Crow's sharp direction creates a character out of the weather, while the notion that horror lurks within the men themselves makes things that much more unnerving. Jones and Jibson do a tremendous job, revealing oceans of subtext between the silences. On the downside, the relentlessly dour tone makes it hard to become deeply invested in the story, especially when it seems things are not going to end well. The Lighthouse ends up being consumed by the limitations it puts on itself, but nonetheless succeeds in being an unnerving piece of psychological horror.


Premiere. Two men are assigned to keep a lighthouse on an island in the Irish sea in 1801. A freak storm cuts the island off from the mainland for months on end, and the isolation drives both men to the brink of madness, with devastating consequences. Fact-based thriller, starring Mark Lewis Jones and Michael Jibson.

Cast & Crew

Thomas Griffith Mark Lewis Jones
Thomas Howell Michael Jibson
MacDonald Gerald Tyler
Jones Joshua Richards
Taylor Nathan Sussex
Director Chris Crow
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Soda PicturesAvailable on: DVD