Stephen King's It

Stephen King's It

Tommy Lee Wallace (1990)

18 Certificate
Tomorrow 12:55am - 4:25am Paramount Network
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A boy's murder alerts seven friends that a supernatural enemy they fought as children has returned. But after 30 years apart, the reluctant heroes struggle to overcome their worst fears and find the courage necessary to defeat such an inhuman force. Horror, starring Tim Curry, Richard Thomas, Tim Reid, John Ritter and Olivia Hussey.

Cast & Crew

Pennywise Tim Curry
Adult Bill Denborough Richard Thomas
Adult Mike Hanlon Tim Reid
Adult Ben Hanscom John Ritter
Audra Denborough Olivia Hussey
Adult Beverly Marsh Annette O'Toole
Adult Richie Tozier Harry Anderson
Adult Eddie Kaspbrak Dennis Christopher
Adult Stan Uris Richard Masur
Young Beverly Marsh Emily Perkins
Young Bill Denborough Jonathan Brandis
Young Eddie Kaspbrak Adam Faraizl
Young Richie Tozier Seth Green
Young Stan Uris Ben Heller
Young Ben Hanscom Brandon Crane
Young Mike Hanlon Marlon Taylor
Director Tommy Lee Wallace
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