Christmas Confessions

Christmas Confessions

Terry Ingram (2015)

PG Certificate
Sat 21 Dec 12pm - 1:55pm 5SELECT


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In this warm-hearted tale, a struggling actress returns to her home town for Christmas and finds that home really is where the heart is.


A struggling actress who moved to New York to pursue her dreams returns to the small town she escaped years before for the festive season, where a romance with an old acquaintance shows her that the life she left behind may be better than Broadway. Romance, starring Sarah Lancaster, Brendan Penny and Gwynyth Walsh.

Cast & Crew

Beth Baker Sarah Lancaster
Dean Hubert Brendan Penny
Shirley Baker Gwynyth Walsh
Barry McCormick Andrew Francis
Eileen McCormick Jessica Harmon
Santa Garry Chalk
Nicole Anna Van Hooft
Principal Harold Hyde Steve Makaj
Director Terry Ingram
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Language: EnglishColour