Man of the Year

Man of the Year

Barry Levinson (2006)

12 Certificate
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In the latter part of his career, Robin Williams seemed to have settled into a nice groove in which he shared his time between serious movies (The Night Listener) and crowd-pleasing comedies (Night at the Museum). The problem with this offering from director Barry Levinson (Good Morning, Vietnam, Rain Man, Wag the Dog) is that it attempts to appeal to both sets of fans at the same time. The comedy premise goes like this: dispirited by an uninspiring line-up of candidates for the US Presidency, a Jon Stewart-like talk-show host (Williams) decides to throw his hat into the ring and is astonished when he actually wins the election. What he doesn't know is that the electronic voting machines have a glitch - one that only software programmer Laura Linney knows about. Her bosses, who include an oily Jeff Goldblum, are determined to shut her up, and it's then that the movie changes gear and turns into a conspiracy thriller. It's a shame because Williams appears to relish a return to his stand-up roots and the concept - a comedian in the White House - is certainly ripe with comic potential.


When TV talk-show host Tom Dobbs decides on a whim to run for president, his legions of fans launch a campaign in support, resulting in his election as the US head of state. However, a few insiders let it be known to Tom that his victory was the result of a computer glitch, and he has to decide whether to stay in office or resign. Comedy, with Robin Williams, Christopher Walken, Laura Linney and Jeff Goldblum.

Cast & Crew

Tom Dobbs Robin Williams
Jack Menken Christopher Walken
Eleanor Green Laura Linney
Eddie Langston Lewis Black
Stewart Jeff Goldblum
Danny David Alpay
Mathias Doug Murray
Herself Tina Fey
Director Barry Levinson
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: ParamountGuidance: Some swearing.Available on: DVD