Children of the Corn

Children of the Corn

Donald P Borchers (2009)

15 Certificate


Our Score
It's corn by name and also by nature, as Stephen King's short horror story gets a second full-length adaptation even worse than the first. Co-written (with King) and directed by Donald P Borchers, a producer on the original 1984 version, this supposedly more faithful, made-for-TV project concerns a Vietnam veteran (David Anders) and his wife who stumble upon a rural Nebraska town populated only by murderous kids. The slow, talky events that follow are action-light and tension free, featuring too many boring scenes of the incredibly annoying pair bickering in their car. Creepy, feral-looking children would have improved matters, but sadly the youngsters are so well groomed and unthreatening, they're laughable. Their pint-sized preacher leader (Dexter's Preston Bailey) is particularly ineffectual, sounding like a stage-school brat during his continual religious tirades. No surprise that the climax similarly falls flat, with a hackneyed twist you'll see coming.


A couple on the brink of divorce stumble on a murdered boy and head to a nearby remote town for help. There they fall into the clutches of a fanatical cult of children who murder anyone over the age of 19 as sacrifices to their mysterious god, which lurks in a local cornfield. Remake of the horror based on a Stephen King short story, starring David Anders and Kandyse McClure.

Cast & Crew

Burton Stanton David Anders
Vicky Stanton Kandyse McClure
Malachai Daniel Newman
Issac Preston Bailey
Jacob Dominic Plue
Peter Creighton Fox
Mark Austin Coobs
Amos Ryan Bertroche
Director Donald P Borchers
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Language: EnglishColour