Christmas in Connecticut

Christmas in Connecticut

Arnold Schwarzenegger (1992)

U Certificate
Sat 27 Oct 9am - 11am True Christmas


Our Score
Arnold Schwarzenegger opted for an unusual change of pace for his directorial debut - this remake of a sugary old Christmas favourite from 1945. Sadly, it needs some of the firepower that Schwarzenegger brings to his blockbuster action movies, as this is routine fare, updated with too little imagination for the 1990s. Dyan Cannon, in the role originally played by Barbara Stanwyck, is entertaining and believable as the TV presenter who decides to take heroic ranger Kris Kristofferson into her home for Christmas as a publicity stunt, but Schwarzenegger has upped the saccharine content of the tale to unacceptable levels. Further down the cast, Tony Curtis and Richard Roundtree work hard to try to make this digestible.


The presenter of a TV show about cookery, marriage and home-making is secretly a childless widow who lives alone and does not know one end of a saucepan from the other. Unfortunately, her ratings-hungry producer decides to film in her home on Christmas Day, and sets about finding her a fictional family to fool the viewers. Comedy directed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, starring Dyan Cannon, Kris Kristofferson and Tony Curtis.

Cast & Crew

Elizabeth Blane Dyan Cannon
Jefferson Jones Kris Kristofferson
Alexander Yardley Tony Curtis
Prescott Richard Roundtree
Josie Kelly Cinnante
Kevin/Anthony Jimmy Workman
Tyler Gene Lythgow
Norah Vivian Bonnell
Director Arnold Schwarzenegger
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