I'll Be Home for Christmas

I'll Be Home for Christmas

Marvin J Chomsky (1988)

PG Certificate


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Blanche Hanalis wrote nearly 90 episodes of Little House on the Prairie and her fondness for soft-centred nostalgia is readily evident in Marvin J Chomsky's formulaic TV movie. Clearly influenced by home front melodramas like John Cromwell's Since You Went Away (1944), the story chronicles Hal Holbrook and Eva Marie Saint's bid to centre their holiday celebrations on soldier son Whip Hubley, who is due to return from Europe before wife Courteney Cox gives birth. Sibling Jason Oliver is about to leave boot camp, while younger brother David Moscow hopes the war lasts until he can become a hero. But riveter daughter Nancy Travis has seen enough tragedy and invests in a better future by inviting lonely trooper Peter Gallagher to share the festivities. The production design has the right feel and Holbrook and Saint retain their poise, but the younger cast members don't quite get the period mood right.


A couple in a small New England town during the Second World War await the return of their two sons and daughter for Christmas. Drama, starring Hal Holbrook, Eva Marie Saint, Jason Oliver, Courteney Cox, Peter Gallagher and Nancy Travis.

Cast & Crew

Joseph Bundy Hal Holbrook
Leah Bundy Nancy Travis
Nora Bundy Courteney Cox
Aaron Copler Peter Gallagher
Martha Bundy Eva Marie Saint
Terrel Bundy Jason Oliver
Director Marvin J Chomsky
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour