The Lookout

The Lookout

Scott Frank (2007)

15 Certificate
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Our Score
The directorial debut of top screenwriter Scott Frank (Get Shorty, Out of Sight) is an offbeat thriller that confirmed the rising-star status of Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Mysterious Skin, Brick, Inception). The former child star impresses again here as Chris, a brain-damaged teenager whose lack of self-esteem sees him easily seduced into facilitating a heist at the small-town bank where he works as a cleaner. The first half of the film, which concentrates on Chris's relationship with his irascible blind flatmate Lewis (the always watchable Jeff Daniels), is much the better of the two. In fact, the picture might have done well to maintain its focus on this storyline. The second half, in which the robbery plans of a former schoolfriend (Matthew Goode) take centre stage, becomes rather too Rambo-like to be completely credible. Still, it's a decent first-time effort from Frank and well worth a look.


A teenager's promising future is cut short when a car crash leaves him with brain damage that affects his memory. Taking a job as a caretaker at a bank, he falls under the influence of crooks led by a former school friend. However, as he becomes aware of their plan to pull off a robbery, he makes a desperate attempt to stop them. Drama, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jeff Daniels and Isla Fisher.

Cast & Crew

Chris Pratt Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Lewis Jeff Daniels
Luvlee Isla Fisher
Gary Spargo Matthew Goode
Janet Carla Gugino
Robert Pratt Bruce McGill
Barbara Pratt Alberta Watson
Mrs Lange Alex Borstein
Director Scott Frank
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Buena VistaGuidance: Contains violence, swearing and drug abuse.Available on: DVD